Voeep V7X

Voeep aims to create a high-performance electric skateboard for your daily commuter. This Voeep V7X electric skateboard with remote will be perfect for your cruising and short commuter. The colorful LED makes your electric longboard eye-catching, especially at night. Plus, the longboard is equipped with 8-ply Canadia maple and fiberglass, so it’s sturdy enough to carry an adult up to 265 pounds.

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Voeep V6

Voeep V6 electric longboard skateboard is a cost-effective,long range electric skateboard. Equipped with 1200W powerful hub motors, V6 can easily provide you with a top speed of 25 mph and an extended range of 22 miles. More, the fashion color design will make you love this motorized skateboard at first glance. Trust me, you will always enjoy your short trip for daily use with this V6 remote control skateboard.

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electric skateboard V6

Voeep V5

The V5 board an affordable electric penny board for daily commuting if your budget is under $400. Featuring U shape design and stronger electric skateboard trucks. The 7 layers of maple and one layer of bamboo ensure sturdy quality. Highly flexible PU wheels are used to absorb most of the bumps and provide better shock absorption. What’s more, it maintains flexibility and with the function of sliding automatic power on.

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Voeep V8

If you’re looking for a powerful off road electric skateboard that offers good passing on a variety of roads, then you won’t want to miss our V8 off-road electric skateboard. It’s great on all kinds of terrain and riding on rough roads is not a problem. Its curved deck and bracket absorb the cushioning from bumps in the road, giving you a comfortable riding experience with extremely smooth acceleration and braking. Overall,  it is an ideal all terrain electric skateboard that perfect for wilderness riding.

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voeep v8

voeep miniI4

Voeep Mini 4 is a so exquisite electric skateboard mini with a fishtail designed for short distances. The portability of carrying and moving the Eskateboard is suitable for any travel conditions. Flexibility at low speeds combined with stability at high speeds this Mini 4 small skateboard will surely add a splash of fun to your life. Great for adults and teens due to its lightweight and portable.

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FAQ  About  Electric  Skateboards

What Type of Electric Skateboard do I Need?

Electric skateboard is named a motorized skateboard. Since it is equipped with remote control, also known as remote control skateboard. There are many electric skateboards available, and they can be mainly divided into three categories: electric longboard, electric skateboard mini, and off-road electric skateboard. Among all these three, the off road electric skateboard stands out with its good performance and excellent design. Therefore, it is also called an electric mountain board or all-terrain electric skateboard.

Each one has its pons and cons. Once you know more about these electric skateboards, you will be able to make your choice quickly.

Electric Longboard

Those skateboards that are similar in shape to surfboards and longer than 3 feet are called longboards. It is very flexible in the race and suitable for going down steep slopes.

Whether it is a regular, non-motorized skateboard or an electric skateboard, the longboard is one of the most common styles. Want to try surfing on land? Electric longboard skateboards can give you a different exciting experience at high speeds. And the expansive deck makes them smoother to ride and hence ideal for beginners.

That’s why longboards come into people’s minds when they talk about skateboards. For better performance, most motorized longboards are equipped with softer PU wheels, which make your ride smooth on bumpy roads. Of course, you can also choose the off-road electric longboard for mountain roads.

Electric Skateboard Mini

Electric skateboard mini is shorter but sturdier compared to longboards. Decks with curved curves make it easier for people to do tricks. However, the batteries and motors of boosted board mini are not suitable for performing tricks.

Nevertheless, people still have a love for mini electric skateboards. There is no substitute for its lightness and portability, and more importantly, the price is much lower. Hence, it is also an electric penny board.

If you have some skateboarding skills and want to buy an electric skateboard for short trips, an electric skateboard mini is perfect.

Off Road Electric Skateboard

Electric long and mini are enough for daily trips or riding. But adventurous people are always willing to challenge and overcome worse terrain. That’s why off-road electric scooters are so popular.

The huge off-road electric skateboard wheels are different from other skateboards in look. It is mounted on top and lowers the center of gravity by dropping the deck. Some all-terrain electric skateboards also come with straps that allow you to connect to your skateboard on rough terrain. So it gives up the solid polyurethane and goes with thick pneumatic tires to provide strong power on the muddy road.


Which Motor Should I Choose?

Electric skateboards either use hub drive or belt drive.

The belt drive is a simple pulley system. The belt links large and small gears. The rotation of the small gear on the motor pulls the belt on and then turns the wheel. This way of operation provides the skateboard with fast movement, good acceleration, and agility to be able to move easily on the mountain. Therefore belt drive is almost the only choice for off-road electric skateboards.

The main disadvantages of belt drives are less efficient braking, more likely to overheat, and being bulky. If the battery of the electric skate board is dead, it is difficult for you to slide with your feet. However, the hub drive system makes up for these shortcomings.

Hub drive is a direct link of the motor to the wheel for driving. This construction allows the electric skateboard to be used as an ordinary skateboard even if the battery is not operating. You won’t see a hub drive on an electric mountain board, just like you won’t see an electric penny board with a belt drive system. The type of motor is already decided when you choose the style of the skateboard.

What Safety Measures Should I Have to Take?

Charge safety: Always charge the board with the original charger. Otherwise, the battery might be damaged or a potential hazard occurs. This damage is NOT covered under the warranty. To extend the battery life, please make sure to charge and discharge the skateboard every 30 days if it is not used for a long time.

Safety Gear: Since the fastest electric skateboard can reach up to 26mph, we highly recommend that you wear full safety gear while riding. Please wear a suitable skateboard helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. Considering that electric skateboards move fast, wearing a helmet would be good, especially for off-road electric skateboards.

If you are going to ride at night or in low light conditions, installing lights and reflectors on your board is the best choice. You can also wear an LED undershirt designed for runners.

Tips: Please check the power of the remote control before riding. Please DO NOT brake sharply to avoid injury when driving at high speed.

How Can I Brake An Electric Skateboard with Remote?

It seems easy to brake an electric skateboard with remote control. But when you try it, you will find it’s not as easy as you think especially driving at high speeds. So be sure to push the trigger of the remote control backward slowly. Otherwise, you will fall.
When you are about to brake, shifting your weight to your rear legs can also effectively avoid forward motion due to braking.

How Fast do Electric Skateboard go?

The fastest electric skateboard on Voeep can reach a maximum speed of 26mph (about 42km/h). It is fast enough for daily outings. However, many factors can affect electric skateboard speed like battery, rider weight and motor power, etc. The faster, the more power is consumed, and drive range will be affected.

How To Distinguish the Front and Back of The Electric Skateboard?

Not all skateboards have a front and back distinction. Usually, cruisers, E longboards, mini skateboards, and all-terrain electric skateboards have a designated front and back. However, regular skateboards do not.

When it comes to electric skateboards, you can distinguish between the nose and tail by looking at Battery/Motor’s place. The end linked to the Battery is the front, while the Motor is linked to the back.

If you can’t figure it out, then there is an effortless way to identify it: operate it with the remote control. The direction of the skateboard acceleration is the front end.

What Is The Best Material for a Motorized Skateboard?

Electric skateboards often use material like PP, Aluminum, Bamboo, Fiberglass, and Canadian Maplewood.
It isn’t easy to directly say what material is the best? As manufacturers will use different materials for different functions of E boards.

For example, mini electric skateboards use lightweight and portable plastic or aluminum, while motorized longboards and electric mountain boards use a combination of bamboo, fiberglass, or Canadian maple. So they have a better capacity but are heavier as well.

Can E-Skateboard Be Used As a Regular Skateboard?

Yes, but not necessary at all. When your electric skateboard runs out of power during use, you can temporarily use it as a regular skateboard. Be careful not to let the motor and battery get worn out during use. An electric skateboard is heavier than a regular skateboard and is not suitable for skills.