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Voeep V8 off road eboard

With the combination of technology and hobby, electric skateboards are becoming popular among teenagers and adults in recent years. If you’ve walked the streets of the city, chances are you’ve seen an electric skate board at some point. Or maybe you saw one when swiped a video, or you have a friend who loves skateboarding. Motorized skateboards are arguably the lightest, most convenient commuting tool available. Unlike the regular skateboard, the off road skateboard wheels are created to be lots extra solid so the days of requiring excellent balance are becoming a thing of the past. While the quest for speed, easier rides, and a lower chance of falling is becoming the future of electric skateboard with remote. I’m sure this sounds exciting to you as well. Maybe you’re not a longboarder, but you can’t resist trying to buy an electric skateboard for commuting or casual riding. Before you’re looking for where to buy a motorized skateboard, you may want to know more about it.

What is an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards, also known as powered skateboards, or e-skate, are a kind of motorized skateboards. Electric boards are similar in appearance to normal cruiser skateboards, but the driving power is based on electricity. So an esk8 is essentially just a skateboard with a motor and battery attached to it. Most eskateboard comes with a wireless remote to control the speed of the board. The remote control with an LCD screen will display the operating status of the longboard cruiser, such as power, speed gear, mileage, and more information as well. The rider can make a change in the direction of the remote skateboard by shifting the weight and tilting the heels. As for its speed, on average, a powered skateboard is possible for riders to move forward from 10 to 28 mph (16-45 km/h). A few electric boards speed can reach 50mph+(80km/h+).

Pros and Cons of Electric Skateboards

As an extremely fun ride and a reliable means of transportation, electric longboard has quickly become a trend among young people. With an e skateboard, you can ride fast on the street, glide through heavy traffic jams, and do your part to save energy and reduce emissions. Electric skateboards are rapidly becoming a favorite among novices and enthusiasts for reasons that cannot be separated from the following.

Perfect for traffic jams

If you live in the city and have to go through congested traffic or take a crowded bus to and from work every day, then an remote control skateboard makes your commute fun and exciting. Instead of being stuck on the road, slogging through early morning traffic, you’ll get a breath of fresh air every day. The road is filled with excitement and the novelty of not knowing what would happen all along the way. When you arrive at your destination, the riding workout keeps you happy and energized, which is a good start to the day and extremely helpful for your work.

Happy exercise

As with regular the cruiser skateboard, you can have a lot of fun with them, such as push the board with your foot. Of course you would choose a more challenging way. Fast riding an electronic board to activate your body and use more core and leg muscles to control the board turns and constantly adjust the weight-shifting. With the handheld remote control, the speed of the cruiser board is also under your control. If you don’t have the opportunity to ski or surf often, then an electric skateboard can give you a similar experience on the road surfing. So depending on how you ride, an automatic skateboard can also be a great exercise.

Besides, electric skateboard is very economical and energy-saving. Not only is it low carbon and environmentally friendly it also saves on gas and maintenance costs. However, no one is perfect, and so is an electric skateboard. When you decide to use the remote control longboard you will face various problems.

Danger can happen at any time. Even veterans can encounter accidents when riding electric longboard skateboards. Therefore, for safety reasons, wearing safety equipment is indispensable.

If you don’t pay attention to the power level of your skateboard before you head out the door, there’s a good chance you’ll be forced to terminate the operation halfway through. If you plan to ride for a long time, it’s best to have replaceable batteries for your skateboard.

You have to follow the guidelines and regulations of your place of residence. For example, California law does not allow people under the age of 16 to ride. Helmets must be worn and speeds must not exceed 15 mph (24 km/h).

The Types of The Electric Skateboards

In the face of the wide range of electric skateboards on the market, which are roughly divided into electric longboards, electric shortboards, off road electric skateboards, electric penny boards, and one wheel skateboards. You should not only choose your favorite printing pattern but more importantly, choose the style and performance of the skateboard. In the following article, we will introduce to you in detail the characteristics of the 3 common types of electric skateboards to help you make a better choice.

Electric Longboard

E longboards are one of the most popular e-board. It is also known as an electric street cruiser skateboard. An electric longboard adds the motor and battery to a regular, non-motorized longboard. Therefore, it is the ideal mix of both speed and agility. The purpose is to simulate the feeling of surfing fast on the sidewalk. The motorized longboard is often considered to be ideal for beginners who would want to experience the exhilaration and excitement of effortless street surfing. The larger deck and softer wheels make the e-boards more stable and smoother to ride. So the electric longboard with remote is also a perfect choice for everyday use, making the trip to and from work a pleasure.

The deck of a longboard is usually 38 inches with 90 mm PU wheels. the remote control longboard has enough length and wheelbase, making it ideal for high-speed riding on flat surfaces. You will find single motor, dual motors, and four motors electric longboards, with the dual motors skateboard being the best quality power output model on the market and the most widely used.

Electric Shortboard

The electric shortboard as the name suggests is a mini electric skateboard, very small and easy to carry, weight about 10-15lbs. It is also called a fish board because it is shaped like a fish’s tail, and the end of the deck usually curves upward. The mini size of the skateboard limits the capacity of the battery. That means you can only use it for short-distance rides, no more than 10km. At the same time, the short board’s small deck and short wheelbase make it not easy for novices to navigate.

Compared to other types of electric skateboards, shortboards tend to be cheaper and can be taken on planes and trains. But mini electric skateboard for adults are a little more difficult to use, so if you’ve never skateboarded before, you may be better off starting with a longboard.

Off Road Skateboard

An off road electric skateboard is designed for all terrains. As you can see, it’s a strong power skateboard, the off road skateboard wheels are large (about 155mm)and developed to tackle rugged mountain roads and work well on the less-traveled surface. It is this feature of the all terrain electric skateboard that has captivated outdoor sports enthusiasts and adventurous people. Compared to airless wheels, inflatable wheels are the most comfortable and it handles bumps better. In order to have enough power to get an electric mountain board over a terrain of dirt, gravel, and thick brush, the motors and the torque they provide are critical. With this in mind when selecting a belt motor rider should look for one with a lower KV rating and higher wattage. However, this electric off road skateboard is too bulky for the rider, about 15 kg. In addition, it is more expensive than the average fastest electric skateboard budget.

Choose an E-board Based on The Rider’s Condition

For those who are on the hunt for their first electric longboard. Here we will provide a simple and thorough guide for anyone trying to navigate their best electric skateboard. By breaking down some factors to consider in an electric skateboard. Helping you to be successful with your first purchase. All shopping is based on the needs of the buyer. Regardless of making any purchase decision, it is critical to know your priorities. What is the purpose of the electric skateboard you are looking for? What is the environment in which you will be using it? What is your budget? By sifting through the layers of questions, the final decision to buy is the best electric longboard for you.

For Commuting

If you use an electric skateboard as a way to commute, then you don’t need a fancy board. Top speed is not necessary. The focus of the selection is on the performance of the skateboard. For commuting a one-way ride of no more than 10 miles, a lightweight and portable shortboard is a good choice. If your trip is 15-20 miles, most longboards will fit the bill. Smoothness and comfort are also worth considering, so electric skateboard wheels are also important. If the wheels are too big that will undoubtedly drain the battery capacity. You can choose 90mm PU wheels, which can cope even with rough city streets. It is worth noting that it is not recommended to use electric skateboards in wet conditions, even if you buy a skateboard with a waterproof function.

For Carving

While all electric skateboards can turn, only a few boards perform exceptionally well in carving. Carving is often seen on snowboards and skis. Once an electric skateboard has the ability to make small, sharp turning moves, you can enjoy the fun of skating on the road whenever you want. By shifting the weight rhythmically and quickly over your legs, the skateboard slides out of the curve on the ground. When you get good at it this will be a very fun and relaxing activity while exercising your leg muscles. Since DKP trucks can make very tight turns with a much smaller radius, electric skateboards with DKP trucks are suitable for carving, they can turn quickly and without effort. This also comes in handy on narrow, twisty city lanes. If you like to have involved, more exciting activities, I would recommend an electric skateboard with DKP trucks. But it should be noted that this kind of skateboard is extra wobbly at high speed.

Are you a novice?

If you are a beginner in electric skateboarding but have mastered the skills of traditional longboard skating, then turning, steering and braking are easy to get the hang of. Otherwise, you will need to practice balancing and understand weight distribution and foot placement for ideal skateboard control before you get your first electric skateboard. Both range and high speed are important indicators for measuring electric skateboards. But this does not mean that faster is better. Consider your own needs and make the right investment with your budget.

Things to Consider When Buying an Esk8


This priority is naturally simple and straightforward. No one wants range anxiety. Most electric long skateboards can have a range of 20 mph+. Electric skateboard riders planning long treks on their skateboards should always look for high-capacity batteries that are suitable for travel. In addition to battery capacity, your riding style and riding path are factors that affect the range of an electric skateboard. For example, the driving distance on a flat road is farther than on an uneven or uphill road. The same skateboard and route will travel a different distance depending on the rider’s weight. With these influences in mind, if the skateboarding range is something like 19-23 mph, then the minimum is more reliable. This is because the state of the road you’re riding on will consume more power.


You have two options belt drive systems and hub motors. The hub motors are quieter and require less maintenance, allow for kick pushing, have better brakes, and are lighter weight. However, a geared or pulley electric skateboard motor is better than a hub motor when considering acceleration, hill climbing, or braking ability. Belt drive motors provide you more torque, but require more maintenance and make more noise. Without the use of batteries electric skateboard hub motor can be used as a normal skateboard, while a belt drive motor skateboard is difficult to ride. In conclusion, hub motors are widely used in longboards, shortboards, penny boards, etc. Belt motors are usually used in all terrain electric skateboards.


Battery capacity affects range, while wattage is closely related to the speed and torque of the skateboard. In short, high wattage equals high power. High power is expressed in higher speed, torque, and uphill capability. For riders who need to climb a lot, due to more acceleration and higher max speed, the wattage of the electric skateboard should be above 1200W.

Deck Material

Common materials used to make the deck of skateboards are bamboo, carbon fiber/fiberglass, Canadian maple, or plastic. Most skateboards use two composite materials. The deck of penny boards mostly uses plastic. The longboard deck may not look very different from the outside. However, during use, it is obvious that plastic and fiberglass decks are stiffer, whereas bamboo and Canadian maple decks are more flexible.


In addition to having a durable board, the durability of the electric skateboard wheels is extremely important. They carry the weight of the skateboard and the rider, and good wheels provide a smooth ride. Although wheels are the most frequently replaced part, you don’t want to need a new set after only one ride. Polyurethane wheels and pneumatic wheels are commonly used for skateboards. PU wheels are recommended for flat city streets, bike paths, etc. 90mm PU wheels are great for cruising or commuting. Air-filled tires are also off road wheels that can absorb bumps on unpaved roads. As a result, it provides higher quality, smoother rides, and overall better performance on uneven surfaces. Mostly used for all terrain electric skateboards.


Those who want to use an electric skateboard as a commuting tool may look at weight as a decisive factor when buying a skateboard. A lightweight and portable skateboard can be easily carried after a ride, under a desk at work, or even taken on a train or plane. In this case, the Voeep mini 4 electric skateboard would be more suitable for you. The net weight is 4.6kg. The size of the longboard is larger but more flexible at the same time. It has a better range and weighs about 7-12 kg. Even if the board runs out of power, you can push it with your feet, no big deal! Furthermore, do not ignore the capacity of the electric skateboard, if you are of a heavier build.


Most people don’t know much about skateboard trucks. There are 3 types of trucks: Reverse Kingpin Truck(RKP) truck, Traditional Kingpin Trucks(TKP), and Double Kingpin Truck(DKP).

RKP truck is among the most common style in Eskating and has various degrees of angles. This configuration can remain stable even at higher speeds and provides good linear turning.

TKP truck is designed for those who like to carve or do tricks on the board. This placement trucks tend to have a swoopy carve feeling when going downhill and free-sliding.

The DKP truck is an improvement on the TKP truck. Remove the middle part, it is a TKP. This kind of truck offers a smoother ride and well-carved feel but has the same unstable disadvantages at high speeds. For off road electric skateboards, the wide DKP truck is a good bet.

Questions about Electric skateboard

Maybe you still have a lot of questions about electric skateboards after reading this article, I’ve compiled some of the frequently asked questions here. If you want to know more information, please contact us.

What is ESC

ESC is an abbreviation for Electronic Speed Controller. It is like a relay station. ESC takes the signals received from the remote control, the current received from the battery, and the position data obtained from the sensors and converts them into the AC power needed by the motor. The ESC controls the motor in this way. There are three types of controllers available for electric skateboards: Hobbywing, LingYi, and VESC. The Hobbywing and LingYi ESCs are similar in function, both integrating the remote receiver, on/off switch, and two motor controllers. And they all have speed modes that limit the maximum speed and acceleration. Although the Hobbywing series has higher controllability compared with LingYi, the gap between the two is getting smaller as the LingYi series is improved. More importantly, the LingYi ESC’s feature of turning on by pushing the skateboard is what Hobbywing and most VESC can’t do. For DIYers, the VESC electronic speed controller is the best choice. It can be purchased without configuration and can power almost any Esk8 motor. What’s more, it is available in V4, V6, 75/300, FocBox, and StormCore options.

Can I ride an electric skateboard on the road?

Not all countries/states allow electric skateboards on the road. Before you buy an electric skateboard, be sure to find out the laws and regulations in your area. Some places where it is legal to ride an electric skateboard, such as California, Florida, Michigan, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, and more.

Can I take my electric skateboard on planes?

Usually, if the battery capacity of the skateboard is less than 160Wh, it can be taken on board. However, different airlines have their own standards. Voeep mini electric skateboard has a battery capacity of 84Wh, which makes it perfectly suitable for trains and planes. Click here to learn more.


If you have read very patiently to the end of the article, then congratulations you have mastered the art of picking an electric skateboard. Hurry up to pick an electric skateboard you like, go take a ride and enjoy the feeling of surfing. Find more Voeep electric skateboards here.

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